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Suzuki TS250X 1986 Wreckers, Dismantlers, Wrecking, Parts, and Accessories


The Suzuki TS250X 1986 is a classic dual-sport motorcycle that was produced by Suzuki from 1984 to 1989.

It is a versatile bike that is perfect for riders who enjoy both on and off-road riding.

Its engine offers precise and effortless shifting, making it easy for riders to tackle a variety of terrain.

The bike’s upright seating position and spacious saddle make for a comfortable ride, even on long trips.

The TS250X also features a large windscreen that helps to deflect wind and reduce rider fatigue.

The TS250X’s dual-sport capabilities are further enhanced by its versatile tires.

Overall, the Suzuki TS250X 1986 is a classic dual-sport motorcycle that offers a great blend of on-road and off-road capabilities.

Its combination of reliable performance, nimble handling, and comfortable ride make it a popular choice among adventure riders of all skill levels.

Whether you’re exploring back roads, hitting the trails, or cruising the highway, the TS250X is a bike that can handle it all.

Wrecking Suzuki TS250X Wreckers, Dismantlers, Parts, and Accessories

Always wrecking and dismantling Suzuki motorbikes, including Suzuki TS250X 1986 all years and supplying quality used OEM workshop tested parts: 

Suzuki TS250X 1986 Chassis Frame, Motor Engine, Gearbox Transmission, Wheels And tyres, Guards, Plastics & Fairings, Shockers, Suspension, Forks & Shock, Headlight, Tail Light, Indicators, Stator, Flywheel, CDI, Seat, Fuel/Petrol Tank, Clutch Cover, Magneto Cover, Crank Cases, Airbox, Triple Clamps, Sub Frame, Brakes, Rotor, Calipers, Brake Hose & Master Cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Hose, Speedo, Dash, Ignition & Mirrors, Kick Starter, Gear Lever, Brake Lever, Foot Pegs, Brackets, Wiring Loom, Electrics, Electrical, Reg/Ref &  Condenser.

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Suzuki TS250X 1986 Specifications

Here are a few specifications of the Suzuki TS250X 1986 Motorcycle model.

Model name  TS250X
Year 1986
Size of the engine  246cc
Gear Five-speed transmission gearbox 
Top speed  121.0 km/h (75.2 mph)
Front wheels  21-inch front wheels 
Rear wheels  18-inch rear wheels
Front brake  Disc brake 
Rear brake  Drum brake 
Front Suspension  Telescopic fork, leading axle oil 
Rear Suspension  Mono-shock 
Category  Off-road 
Stroke  Two-stroke 
Cooling system  Liquid-cooled 
Cylinder  Single-cylinder 
Final drive  Chain
Curb weight  271.2 lbs
Bore X Stroke  2.8×2.5mm
Maximum power output  27.0 HP (19.7 kW)) @ 7300 RPM