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Suzuki RMX 250 1998 Wreckers, Dismantlers, Wrecking, Parts, and Accessories


A strong dirt bike built to handle the toughest off-road conditions is the Suzuki RMX 250 1998.

Professional motocross fans and riders favor this bike because it has top-notch parts and technology.

The engine’s 249cc size allows it to generate 47 hp and 31 lb-ft of torque.

A six-speed manual gearbox that is mated to the engine enables quick and accurate gear changes.

The Suzuki RMX 250 1998 is also constructed with a strong, lightweight frame.

Additionally, the bike’s lightweight construction makes it simpler to control and maneuver in confined areas.

The Suzuki RMX 250 1998 also stands out for its aggressive design, plush seat, and high-quality parts.

Sharp angles, striking graphics, and sleek lines are all part of the bike’s styling, which is intended to represent its performance capabilities.

Overall, the bike’s parts are all top-notch, so users can be confident in its efficiency and toughness.

Wrecking Suzuki RMX 250 1998 Wreckers, Dismantlers, Parts, and Accessories

Always wrecking and dismantling Suzuki motorbikes, including Suzuki RMX 250 1998 EXC & SX, all years and supplying quality used OEM workshop tested parts:

Suzuki RMX 250 1998 Chassis Frame, Motor Engine, Gearbox Transmission, Wheels And Tires, Guards, Plastics & Fairings, Shockers, Suspension, Forks & Shock, Headlight, Tail Light, Indicators, Stator, Flywheel, CDI, Seat, Fuel/Petrol Tank, Clutch Cover, Magneto Cover, Crank Cases, Airbox, Triple Clamps, Sub Frame, Brakes, Rotor, Calipers, Brake Hose & Master Cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Hose, Speedo, Dash, Ignition & Mirrors, Kick Starter, Gear Lever, Brake Lever, Foot Pegs, Brackets, Wiring Loom, Electrics, Electrical, Reg/Ref & Condenser.

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Suzuki RMX 250 1998 Specifications 

A few specifications of Suzuki RMX 250 are outlined below.

Maker Suzuki 
Model name RMX 250
Year First introduced in 1998
Color Classic blue and yellow color scheme 
Size of engine  249cc
Throttle Cable-operated
Frame  Lightweight aluminum frame 
Cylinder  Single cylinder 
Gear Manual, 5-speed transmission gearbox
Top speed  122.73 km/h
Stroke  Single-stroke 
Clutch Wet, cable operated
Motor oil 20W/40
Carburetor  Mikuni TM38SS
Spark plug NGK BR9EV
Start  Kick-start system
Engine type Liquid-cooled
Seat height 955 mm/37.6 in
Fuel capacity 11liters/2.9 US gal
Maximum power 38kW/51hp @9000 rpm