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Honda CR250 2000 Wreckers, Dismantlers, Wrecking, Parts, and Accessories


If you require speed, power, and agility; the Honda CR250 2000 is the right motocross bike for you.

It was one of the most populous dirt bikes, and it remains a favorite among motocross collectors today.

Its sleek design features a low-slung fuel tank and minimalist bodywork available in two color schemes – red and white, or black and yellow – both of which featured bold Honda graphics.

Riders of all skill levels appreciate its speed and handling, as well as its reliability and durability.

The bike is a joy to ride, with a lightweight frame that provides excellent control and maneuverability on the track.

Its powerful engine delivers quick acceleration and smooth power delivery, while its fully adjustable suspension system absorbs bumps and jumps with ease.

The Honda CR250 2000 is a classic motocross machine that continues to be loved and admired by riders and enthusiasts alike.

Wrecking Honda CR250 Wreckers, Dismantlers, Parts, and Accessories

Always wrecking and dismantling Suzuki motorbikes, including Honda CR250 2000 all years and supplying quality used OEM workshop tested parts: 

  • Honda CR250 2000 Chassis Frame, Motor Engine, Gearbox Transmission, Wheels And tyres, Guards, Plastics & Fairings, Shockers, Suspension, Forks & Shock, Headlight, Tail Light, Indicators, Stator, Flywheel, CDI, Seat, Fuel/Petrol Tank, Clutch Cover, Magneto Cover, Crank Cases, Airbox, Triple Clamps, Sub Frame, Brakes, Rotor, Calipers, Brake Hose & Master Cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Hose, Speedo, Dash, Ignition & Mirrors, Kick Starter, Gear Lever, Brake Lever, Foot Pegs, Brackets, Wiring Loom, Electrics, Electrical, Reg/Ref &  Condenser.

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Below are the Honda CR250 2000 specifications:

Maker Honda
Model name CR 250
Year 2000
Cooling system Liquid-cooled
Cylinder Single
Stroke Two-stroke
Size of the engine 249cc
Horsepower 45-50
Maximum torque 30-35 Nm
Gear 5-speed manual transmission
Bike Weight 95-100 kg (210-220 lbs)
Frame Lightweight Aluminum
Front Suspension Showa inverted telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Pro-link Showa single fork
Front brake Single disc brake
Rear brake Single disc brake
Top speed 80 mph (128 km/h)
Wheel size Front (21 inches), rear (19 inches)
Seat height 37.6 inches (955 mm)
Fuel tank capacity 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters)
Bore X stroke 66.4 mm x 72 mm